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Cut MAF post?

Discussion in '1994-2004 V6 Mustang Tech' started by killer2000stang, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. I cut the maf post on my 96 stang, and seemed to notice a slight difference.  Is this a worth while endeavor on my 2000.  Are there any negative effects from doing this??
  2. BeatAMach1

    BeatAMach1 Guest

    I have no idea what youre talking about. Sorry. ???
  3. right after the air filter housing, if you look inside the maf, you can see a post, and at the end of the post is a hole with the hot and cold wires in it.  There were directions on Mustangworld (I dont know if they are there still) on how to cut out the post and just leave the end with the wires, which increases airflow.  Has anyone done this on a 2000 stang, and if so, noticed any positive/negative effects??
  4. Iwouldnt. if you screw it up it will void warrenty and poss be expensive to replace.