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Grit and Grind
Not really funny but if you thought the Klan never held rallies in large cities anymore, you would be wrong. Rally in downtown Memphis right now.

City council changed the names of 3 downtown parks (Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park). While I think it is a total waste of time and money to change the names of historical parks, I am not surprised it brought the Klan out.


Feels good man
Yeah apparently they are supposed to be building a confederate memorial museum. It's supposed to be built right off of MLK dr. Needless to say it's stirred up some talk..


That's ****ed up they changed the names of those parks.
Of all the other **** to sorry about for most cities (paying teachers/police/firefighters/budget cuts) this gets to priority. lol

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Grit and Grind

There is a USA Today article on the matter. Memphis has always had racial tension. Doesn't help that MLK was killed here at the Lorraine Motel (and now the National Civil Rights Museum stands next door to the Motel). The ignorance on both sides of this issue is crazy though. The city council wants to spend the city's time and money to change the names of 100+ year old parks. It's a part of the US's history, renaming the parks isn't going to eliminate that. And the KKK, well their ignorance doesn't need to be explained.