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It’s just an estimate, but ESPN is losing $612 million annually in subscriber fees from where they were just over 4 years ago. When you add that to the additional $2.8 billion that ESPN has had to dish out in rights fees, suddenly ESPN’s bottom line has suffered an approximate $3.5 billion annual hit over the last four years. And again, that’s using numbers that are conservative estimates.

When you crunch the numbers, it’s no wonder ESPN is in between such a rock and a hard place with so many difficult decisions to make. We’re looking at a calendar year where ESPN chose not to renew several high-priced multimillion dollar talent in front of the cameras and let go hundreds of employees behind the cameras. In the land of live TV rights, ESPN gave up the British Open a year early to NBC and going back further, we know they lost the World Cup (a prized asset to John Skipper) to FOX Sports not too long ago..