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Okay, So I have a fuel rail leak. Or so I think..... A couple months ago I replaced 3 fuel injectors. No leaks. Just the other day I noticed the smell of gas after driving. So at first I didn't think anything of it. Since the smell did not go away I decided to take a closer look. Apparently gas was coming out of the last injector, closest to the driver on the drivers side underneath where the bracket is that holds the coil pack. It was hard to see but I saw gas. a small pool. So today I decided to take it all apart and put it back together. And as I was putting it back together I put a rubber mallet to a hammer to the rail to seat the injectors. Well I ended up denting it and now it leaks like a hose. spews like a fountain even after tightening everything down tightly! not to spec but tight enough. So if your still question is; can a dent in the fuel rail cause the injector not to seat properly? Its not a bad dent. Small, noticeable but looks harmless. The injectors themselves are brand new Senson brand I believe. WTF Any thoughts?
Oh and I cannot find a brand new fuel rail on any mustang parts web site. So the dealership I will have to go :(


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Thanks for the reply!
Well after disassembling and reassembling three times(omg) I have no leaks. The fuel rail is fine. Turns out to be an O-ring that somehow got pinched during assembly. Check the pic out. That was causing fuel to spew like a fountain! Literally! There's a lot of pressure in the fuel system. Oh and I probably over tightened the rail bolts a bit and that may have contributed to the leak or the bad O-ring. And I didn't push down on the rail while trying to seat the injectors. I just layed in in position threaded the bolts by hand to start them then used my Dewalt power drill to finish the job.

Pete fender

Pete Fender
I find a drop of oil prevents this.
Friction between the dry O-ring and fuel rail or manifold can cause that rip.
Personally, I use the green O-ring on both ends.
Glad you have it figured out, there could have been a fire, I guess you know that.
It happened to a guy on the highway at 70 mph.
He had just cleaned his injectors, and didn't check his work.
Those Camaros really burn fast!

Try to use new O-rings if they have been there a while.