Describe each high school year of yours


Freshman - carelessness, got along with everyone, didn't do any homework, easiest year of my life. no drama. got really into cars towards the end of
Sophomore - year of the most drama. learned a lot about relationships and cars that year. got my license and my car in spring of that year.
Junior - started off careless, then had to buckle down. rode a couple months on hopes and dreams. met new people. end of junior year sucked cuz i didnt have a car
Senior - started off well, but would like to boost amount of people i hang out with.

Sidenote: I joined 3.8 right before Sophomore year and have been here since:eek:


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Freshman - Didnt do ****... not having a car does that I guess.. Went to school came home wacked off :thumbup:
Sophmore - Did all kinds of stupid ****... got a car, wrecked it, got a reckless driving ticket, got car taken away, got car back....
Junior - Calmed down a bit... still does some stupid ****... started my website :D
Senior - Calmed down alot.. matured a lot... started getting real involved with politics and current events... started listening and observing others... basically became really interested in life in general.... oh yea totaled Stang and got my current black one :thumbup:

hmm I have a pretty boring life... normal teenage ****...

Now I still do crazy stuff just not stuff that is going to land me in jail for a while :lol:

I'm 20 now btw and in my second year of college... I have a wonderful girlfriend and a badass car. What more can you want?


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Freshman - worked hard in school, also had a decent time there.

Sophomore - worked hard in school, began playing guitar, started my first job right before the year started.

Junior - worked even harder in school, began thinking about colleges, spent even more $$ on guitar stuff and played in a band for a short time, was a good year.

Senior - came down with a bad case of Senioritis and didn't give a **** about classes. Bought my car in the spring and that became my new hobby.


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freshmen-easy as hell made some enemys lost a 115 lbs and picked up a 105lb pile of drama infested cheerleader

sophmore-cake walk not to bad ditched the 105lb weight of blonde drama

junior-school was easy partied a lot last year of basketball couach found out me and friend got drunk on a bus ride back

senior- hard year , but good times:thumbup:


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Freshman- Easy as hell in the classes, aced everything. My car knowledge started getting bigger towards the end of the year

Sophomore- Started slacking off in my classes, knew a lot more bout cars, found out about drama, Got my license towards the end

Junior-I basically never got enough sleep and slept in a lot of my classes. My work was more improved from sophomore year tho.

Senior- So far its been crunk. Im taking easy classes (Non AP) so its a breeze, plus I got auto services for 2 periods and a filler which makes it even easier. This football season has been crunk for everyone hopefully will go deep in the playoffs. I've met some new ppl so thats good. The T/A is almost ready. Trying make this a fun year. Yep

*Edit....Also joined before sophomore year


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Freshman - Came to class a lot, got A/B every time, made a bunch of new friends
Sophomore - Met people who im closest too now, went to school a lot
Junior - Slept in class cause I was lazy. Took a few AP classes and passed those with B's. Realized school was a waste of time, had 35ish absences
Senior - LOL Where do I start. I had 48ish absences, when I went I didnt do crap, I skipped a lot of classes and just drove home. Met a few cool people who I still hang out with. Met infernostang :uhh: :crazy: Raced a few people in HS. Drove an expedition around most of the time. Bought a stang, started MOFO CC with a bunch of people. Had 1 c 1 a and the rest were B's. A lot of my friends dropped out and I didnt feel like hanging out with immature newbs who were still in HS. Got my scholarship.


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Freshman - boring, studied and got good grades, made some friends

Sophomore - realized school sucks

Junior - started partying a lot, got my license, got a car, got shitty grades

Senior - so far I'm doing crazy good in my Honors and AP classes even though I'm doing nothing. High constantly. Hung over now. Fun year.


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freshman - gay
sophomore - gay (+suspended for fighting yay)
junior - gay
senior - slightly less gay so far


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Freshman - Boring. Slack very badly
Sophmore - Boring. Slacked.
Junior - Boring except for programming. Slacked some.
Senior - Boring except for the gobs of elective classes I took in electronics, programming, power & propulsion, etc. Brought my grades up to A's & B's with very little effort. Still highly dissappointed by pathetic educational system.



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Freshman- worked hard in school, first year I wrestled and made varsity (nobody was in my weight class).

Sophomore- Started driving, but wasn't with the Mustang. I qualified for Sectionals in wrestling (1 tournament away from state) and continued to work hard in school.

Junior- Started driving the Mustang, worked kinda hard in school, lost in districts for wrestling, joined 3.8 at the very end of junior year.

Senior- Best year. I only had 5 classes and they were easy, especially 2nd semester. Qualified for State in wrestling (finished top 12 in my weight class)


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Freshman-easy A's and B's maybe one or two a lil worse. breezed by made some friends that still are friends. no license. hard time sleeping so slept in class.
Sophmore- got honors letter for above 3.5gpa. got drivers license end of year piece of crap olds and started a job.
Junior-not so good grades but got the bar for honors. slept a lil in class. got a serious relationship with a girl lost virginity and got a buzz fishing
Senior-still there good so far only 5 classes. one D for now biology 2. got 04" ranger totalled it on my way to gf's house in the rain.

just watching over my lil sis she's a sophmore. you guys know what i mean by that (shes got a bf in my grade).


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freshman-worked hard, got good grades, met a lot of people
sophomore-boring..same ol' **** everyday
junior-crappy year, but still didn't work that hard
senior-pretty fun, but had senioritis


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freshmen year - easy classes but i was really quiet and got good grades and didnt do much else. i started thinking about cars towards the end of the year.
sophomor year - really into cars and got my license. wrecked my car and got it back. got bad grades because i was more worried about making my car cool and never did my homework.
junior year - im doing pretty good right now. all As and Bs and the classes are easy. i still think about cars a lot but i get my **** done now.


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senior-slept and fig. out that i just wasted 4 years of my life


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Freshman - Get drunk
Sophmore - Get drunk - Laid
Junior - Get drunk - Laid - High
Senior - Get drunk - Laid - High - Jail


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n00b420 said:
Freshman - Get drunk
Sophmore - Get drunk - Laid
Junior - Get drunk - Laid - High
Senior - Get drunk - Laid - High - Jail
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Freshman: Had fun, met some new friends and caused trouble.
Sophmore: 2nd best year. Caused even more trouble and had alot of fun.
Junior: Was my most difficult year but still had fun. Was in even more trouble
Senior: Best year of my life. Every day me and my friends were up to no good. All our teachers kicked ass and I wish I could go back. :(


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DJItalianICE said:
Freshman: started becoming racist
Sophmore: racist
Junior: racist
Senior: racist

Freshman in college: racist, pothead
Sophmore in college: racist, pothead
Next year : racist, pothead
Fixed. :lol:


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Freshman: wrestling team, worked out alot, small engines, hung out, learned some ****.
Softmore: dated a few stupid bitches, beat the **** out of some people, smoked alot of pot, drank alot of beer! Oh yeah, got my licence!
Junior: Autoshop! Woot woot! Got into alot of fights. alot of sex, parties, smoked alot of dope! And...uhhhh....Hardee's! ****ing Hardee's!
Senior: Parties, *****, parties, skipped alot of school, Set out to live life! Didn't give a **** about anything! So much fun!

Graduated:Gained weight, quit working out, did some stupid ****, delivered pizza, college, other ****,

Later on: started giving a damn, Quit stupid ****

Now: Didn't make a go of automotives, still work on cars on the side, prison guard, back to lifting wieghts, getting my **** together.