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Everytime i take pictures of my car, and then resize it down to 640x480 (i think?), the pictures come out to be blocky. I have a 6 MP FujiFilm camera, I saw at some store (prolly Ritz Camera) that people should just use 2 MP for digital prints, but wont that come out to be less quality. Also with my camera, you can set it for 1, 2, 3, and 6 MP with Basic, Normal and Fine settings. What MP does everyone set their cameras for and how do you not get it to come out "blocky"


I have a 5.1MP camera and I just take my pics in the highest resolution and resize them in photoshop...


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your talking about pixilized right? You need to use a program that won't pixilize the pics. I use IrfanView

Download it now. You open a pic, then click, image, resize, and then click on whatever size you want.

I have an custom setting on mine for taking pics to load here. Just like you have 1, 2,3 mp, I have L, ML,M,S with fine, super fine etc...

I have mine set to Small, SUPER FINE. The pics come out at 640X480

Use that program, it will help you out alot. When you save as, make sure you change it to Jpeg, keeps the file smaller in size