Disconnected muffler on 03 v6 mustang safe?

Upopular opinion but i like the sound of the car without the muffler, for about a week I had my disconnected my muffler from the rest of the exhaust system which connects in the center of the underside but I left the cats. Would it be bad without muffler, health wise? Will exhaust fumes leak into cabin? I dont want my passengers to inhale detrimental exhaust fumes. I have pictures so show where its disconnected.



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That's definitely an unpopular opinion to like the sound of these without a muffler lol. These sound like total garbage.

while stopped you'll get exhaust fumes into the driver's compartment. While moving it won't be as noticable.

Plus what banditt said, it's illegal in some states to remove your muffler. And I'm pretty sure every state has a noise code that if your car is too loud you can get ticketed. The police generally don't enforce it on main roads but in neighborhoods I'm sure you'll get stopped for noise.