DIY Starkey Products 2010 - 2012 V6 Mustang Foglight Kit


The 2011+ Ford Mustangs set the standard on what consumers come to expect from a base line pony car. Factory 8.8" rear end, Factory dual exhaust, a stout 305 HP motor, etc. However unless you opted for the Premium Package your v6 mustang still lacks a set of fog lights, but thats where comes in with their OEM quality fog light kit from Starkey Products for the 2010 - 2012 v6 Mustang. This easy Do It Yourself (DIY) kit will only require simple hand tools, and will give your v6 mustang a more aggressive styling up front, and much better visibility when driving at night.


1. Before you ever work with any kind of electrical components you're going to need to disconnect the negative battery terminal.



2. Next we will want to lift the front end of the car on a set of ramps, jack stands, or a lift if you have access to one. We opted for a set of ramps for our install.


3. Once you have safely put the front end in the air, remove the (9) 7mm screws from the splash guard on the underside of your car. Go ahead and set the splash guard out of the way.



4. Now we will wrap a flathead screw driver in a soft cloth, and very carefully pry the plastic bezel inserts on the side closest to the center of the car. These are hooked in by plastic tabs, and take hardly any force to remove.




5. Using a short flat head screw driver mount the fog lights from behind the bumper with the six included screws. Both fog lights are identical so it does not matter which side you mount them. Install the fog light with the electrical connector facing down, this will make it a lot easier when plugging in the harness later on.


6. Once your fog lights are mounted, go ahead and pop the new plastic bezels in that came with your kit.


7. Now lets remove the plastic radiator cover under the hood by removing the 8 plastic retainers.



8. Locate the fusebox on the passenger side of the car and open it up. You will want to locate the 12 volt supply cable entering the box where the lid closes. Remove the nut holding the 12 volt supply in place.



9. Grab your wiring harness and locate the orange wire with the ring terminal at the end. Place this ring over the stud that you just removed the nut from, and reinstall the securing nut.



10. Remove the fuse in location 39 using a set of long nose pliers, and replace it with the supplied fuse with fuse tap attachment. Install this new fuse with the tap facing towards the drivers side of the car. On your wiring harness locate the red wire, and connect it to the just installed fuse tap. Run the wire out of the fuse box near the 12 volt supply cable so that you can close up your fuse box.




11. Locate the ground cable on the radiator support and attach the black cable from your wiring harness.



12. Take the rest of the wiring harness and route it on top of the radiator to the drivers side of the car. Try to follow the group of existing cables for a clean install when finished.


13. At this time run the wiring for each fog light down to the fog light locations and connect the fog light connectors to each fog light under the car. I also used some zip ties to secure the wires out of the way down there.


14. The next step it to run the control wires around the engine compartment and up to the firewall in front of the driver side of the vehicle. Locate the black rubber grommet in the driver side firewall between the fender and brake booster. Using a knife cut an “X” in the grommet to allow you to push the wires through.


15. On the inside of the car locate the headlamp switch. Using a flat head screw driver wrapped in a soft cloth gently pry out the top left side of the switch housing. ***Do not pry out the whole switch as the housing will be secured to the dash by a screw!***



16. Using your flat head screw driver wrapped in your cloth pry down the dash panel located just below the switch. On the bottom left hand corner of the switch is the small screw. Carefully remove this screw. Once you've removed it you can now pull the head light switch panel out of the dash and disconnect the wires.



17. Now release the three small tabs that secure the headlight switch to the housing and slide it out. Then simply slide the new one in its place.



18. Refer to the instructions that were included in your kit, and locate the wires in the factory harness that plugs into the back of the switch. Using one of the supplied red wire taps, close the tap around the wire and snap it shut. DO NOT CUT THE WIRE. I had to unwrap the covering from around the bundle of wires to access the individual wires. Connect the blue wire from the fog light harness to the connector you just installed.

19. Locate the second wire listed in the instructions and connect the other wire tap to it. Connect the red wire from the harness to this connector.


20. Reconnect the factory wiring harness to the new switch you just installed. Reinstall the headlamp switch and panel into the dash. Make sure to replace the screw you removed earlier. Make sure that the dash panel under the switch is pressed back into place.


Reinstall the radiator cover, Reinstall splash shield, Reconnect negative battery terminal.

Enjoy your new fog lights! Be sure to check out to order a set of these fog lights + tons of other parts for your Mustang!