Dumb question?

Hey guys,
I know its embarrassing but its true..................... r u ready for it.........here i go.... i dont know how to do a burnout! I have a 3.8 v6 and its automatic. Is there enough power to burnout and how do i do it?


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It's probably a lot easier to do if you had the correct transmission though. But good luck and don't do it anywhere you'll get caught by cops or hit anything.


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Actually.... it's EASIER to do a burnout in an AT, and in an open diff, the way the gearing works, if the left rear tire isn't moving, than the left tire will spin TWICE as fast as the driveshaft! (Plus the differential gearing, of COURSE!)

So your one wheel peel will make GOBS of smoke!!! :p

Note: I don't recommend doing that often. You'll be spinning the tiny spider gears MUCH faster than they were ever designed. I've rebuilt a LOT of rear ends that had the spider gears tore up in the diff, and the Ring, Pinion, and bearings were just fine...

Although.... if you do that, you'll give yourself an excuse to replace it with a T-lok!! ;)

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So I am replacing an engine, I want to take a 1998 3.8 liter V6 Convertible SRS Mustang witch was involved in an accident, leaving the axle, the rear, and sides needing a lot of work. We picked up a hardtop 1994 v6 3.8 liter and I plan on putting convertible engine in the hardtop, since there appears to be no visible differences from the 98 to the 94 hoses, belts, wires, ignition, the power steering, everything looks very much the same. So what am I missing? Is this job going to be as easy as it looks? I have all the tools from the motor lift to the hot wrench. Can I just get some guidance, anything that might come in useful down the line. I just want to know if its something that is going to work? Thanks for your time in advance!!