EGR Delete/ Windstar Vacuum Leak


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Since putting the Windstar kit on my car Ive noticed a couple things. I'm pretty sure I have to have a vacuum leak or something somewhere thats making my car idle worse and worse as time goes on. I've been looking all over and cant find where the leak is. One thing I did notice is that the rubber tubing for the EGR line that goes to the left side header cracked and torn. A friend of mine put fuel injection on his '62 Galaxy and was having all sorts of issues getting it to run right. Finally he discovered a crack in one of his headers where the tubes all combine. This was giving him false O2 reading since it was sucking in air before the O2 sensor. He sent off the header to be repaired. Put it back on and problem solved. So that being the case im wondering if im sucking air into the exhaust through the cracked tubing on the EGR line to the header and causing a similar issue.
I found this VMP Tuning - Buy Ford SCT & GM Custom Handheld Flash Tuners Performance Economy Towing: 94-04 3.8L or 4.2L EGR Delete Kit and thinking about ordering it to just do away with the EGR all together. I read on another forum someone said the engine will run hotter and richer due to not having the EGR hooked up. Also said my fuel mileage would drop. I'm by far no expert but I honestly dont see or understand how those things will happen. Please by all means if im mistaken let me know and please explain how. If im not sucking hot exhaust gases into the system wouldnt that in a slight way reduce the temps of the intake? Wouldnt it lean out due to not having the exhaust gases coming back into the fuel system? Maybe I'm just misunderstanding the system itself.

Please if you have had any good or bad experience using an EGR delete I would greatly appreciate your input. I'm going to hold off buying the delete kit until I research a little more. Also any experience with Vacuum leaks on a Windstar kit.

If I do the EGR delete do I just unplug the 2 connectors or will unplugging them throw me weird codes and such.

Appreciate the help. On a side note I'm writing this at 3am after not being able to sleep lol. Hopefully it all makes sense. Thanks again.


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Interested to hear opinions on this also.

I do know however, you will need to turn off the EGR system in your tune, or you will be throwing CEL.