EGR valve replacement on 1999 Ford Mustang six?

Put some good fuel cleaner in - ATS - and after a couple of weeks my check engine light came on, 401 code - have tried replacing the two sensors / valves suggested as likely culprits (mechanics out here in San Diego are booked up for weeks) - car runs much better, but still slightly rough idle at times - check engine light still on after some time. Was replacing the EGR valve with one from Standard Ignition, mine appears different from the ones on the youtube video's, removed nuts on the front of the valve assembly, but the EGR valve mounts behind instead of in-front as seen on youtube. Chilton's and Haynes manuals really don't show it well enough. Have attached some pics- what is the best way to remove this?


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2004 Mustang Cobra
Can you take a shot of just the engine? Your engine is different than any other one I’ve seen. What is that piece that’s above your a/c compressor? It looks like a totally different valve setup. Is it highly modified or something?


2004 Mustang Cobra
Also, the EGR valve itself is just held on in 3 spots. Two smaller bolts and the large nut that holds it on. You should be able (in most cars) just use a socket and a wrench to get it off.