EGR valve


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Hi I’m new to the forum but I’ve had issues with my 2010 Mustang (Automatic, 4.6). My problem is after driving the car and turning it off, when I go to turn it on again the engine starts but stalls almost immediately. I have to rev the engine to put it into gear and once it’s driving again it’s fine. Check Engine light and maintenance light turn on and the code says to check the EGR valve. We’ve replaced it and the spark plugs and it’s been the same issues. Any suggestions/advice? Thanks guys.


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Bad gas maybe? Get some seafoam and get someone to spray it in the air intake while you try to start it. And keep spraying if it starts, should clean a bit of carbon build-up in the combustion chamber. You can even put seafoam in the gas tank. Also clean the throttle body, in front of the butterfly and the back side of the butterfly. try using premium or mid grade gas for a few tanks too. Gasoline is an excellent cleaner itself.