Engine Bay Dressup - Minor


Profile Violation

Stainless Steel bolts, with anodized washers.

Headlamp bracket and upper bumper cover, both sides:

5/8th" O.D. Rivet Nut, and bolt, for front cover:

Put the rivet nut on to the nutsert tool ($27.00 Kit, eBay with 5 different size RivetNuts):

Drilled 5/8" holes into upper rad brackets:

Insert the rivetnut and squeeze the tool, just like installing a rivet:

Rivetnut in, now you have something to bolt on to:

Also put on on each side of the upper grille:

The tool has an adjustment for how much pull you can put on the rivetnut. If you pull too much the
plastic will split, which it did on the other side. SO, pull till the plastic turns white at the edge there.

Cover back on with the nuts and washers installed:

You will only need four of these. The push in fasteners won't even hold as tight as these will.
Will find some kind of cover/cap for the two holes I did not use.

Hood Prop:

Do not replace those ground bolts unless you put an additional aluminum/stainless washer
under the red ones that come with pack. They are anodized, and do not conduct
electricity. It will still work, just not sure how good the ground is with the anodized
washer on the top.

Power steering reservoir:

Coolant Tank:


Was going to do the fender bolts too, but will do those later.


Profile Violation
Finished up:

Thinking about replacing the the cowl cover fasteners with these, but do not want to
drill the holes out for a rivet-nut. Will see if I can thread into the plastic fasteners,
or get newer ones with a smaller bore to thread into... Will experiment till done..

James Carr

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personaly it's not my cup of tea but if you want to add these to your under the hood show I guess.....ok.....