engine revs up when clutch is depressed

jimbo 01

i have read of other people having this same issue, but never read a definitive answer to this problem.something to do with emissions, but it wastes gas and when shifting gears can't be good for the clutch.mostly it irritates me to no end,and at a stop sign or light, sounds awful revving up and down even with the a/c off! i would appreciate any knowledge on this subject. car is 2001 3.8 motor/5 speed. replaced throttle position sensor a few years ago, no change.


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That is not normal. The idle is set at around 800 rpm and should always stay there. The only "goofy" thing on these cars is how the rpms fall slowly back to idle when reving or in between shifts, but the rpms should not increase when pushing the clutch. Issues outside of this are somewhat of a mystery but "messing with stuff" usually fixes it. I can only describe my experiences...

For several years, I would get a random high idle (2krpm), I assumed it was due to a bad IAC and I'd get a new from ford every couple of years. I'd replace it and reset the computer. One day I realized that just resetting the computer would fix the issue for about a month. So, about once a month I'd reset the computer... I did that for about 5 years. One day while thinking about it I remembered that I had replaced the TPS "just because" probably 8 years prior with one from autozone. I bought a new one from ford, stuck it in and reset the computer. Car idled perfected and going on about 7 years now...

So here's what I'd do: clean the MAF, replace the TPS with one from Ford/Motorcraft (not sure if they are still made, might have to find a "new old stock" one from ebay), maybe clean the IAC, but certainly reset the computer. Then see what happens.... If you don't want to pull the battery terminal to reset the computer, there is a 5 amp fuse under the dash that you can pull instead. You'll know the computer was reset when the trip meter reverts to 0.