engine swap


Well it's not the EGR, engine is shot, so now time to swap motors, question I found a 1993 3.8l with low miles auto trans, will it fit in my 1998 3.8l manual trans, I want to keep it manual, what all will I have to swap to make it work? or is it plug and play?


Dan, what I know about swaps will fit in a thimble, but there are differences between the '93 and '98 engines in terms of the intake manifolds (upper and lower) and engine control computers. There may be some other, subtle differences too.

What I don't know is if you can swap your '98 top end onto the '93 short block thus keeping your current, '98 ECU. Also, I don't know if the '98 flywheel/clutch/throwout bearing can be swapped onto the '93 crankshaft without issue.

Hopefully, one of the "smart kids" in these forums will chime in and let you know.

Good luck,