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Engine Tuners

Discussion in '2011-2014 V6 Mustang Tech' started by zeppelin31, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. zeppelin31

    zeppelin31 New Member

    Sep 2, 2019
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    Are engine tuners like Diablo Sport Tuner really helpful in improving the performance of vehicles? Are they compatible with muscle cars like my 2012 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe?
  2. Pete fender

    Pete fender Pete Fender

    Jun 4, 2019
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    After every mod you make, not so much for stock.
  3. 08'MustangDude

    08'MustangDude Profile Violation

    Jan 31, 2018
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    They're good for up to +15 BHP with 93 Octane Tune. I have the
    InTune1000. Diablosport tuners are cheaper than SCT or BAMA tuners,
    which both use the same tuner. They're all basically the same as far
    was what they do. They all can have custom tunes written for them.
    Bama also used the I2, it boots with a BAMA screen instead of the
    Diablosport logo..

    I got my InTune1000 for $100.00 on FB Marketplace.

    The most current is the I3.

    The I2 is for up to and including 2016, except GT350.

    Predator 2 also works.

    The I1000 for up to and including 2014 for the 3.7

    • 93 Octane Fuel "Diablo Tune":
      • Average 15-90 HP and 15-90 ft-lbs. increases
      • Improves driveability (smoother running, easier to drive, better driving feel)
      • Maximum safe power and torque
      • Increased fuel economy when driven accordingly
    • 91 Octane Fuel Performance Tune:
      • Average 12-50HP and 12-50 ft-lbs. increases
      • Improves driveability (smoother running, easier to drive, better driving feel)
      • Increased fuel economy when driven accordingly
    • 87 Octane Fuel Performance Tune
      • 12-30HP and 12-30 ft-lbs. increases
      • Improves driveability (smoother running, easier to drive, better driving feel)
      • Maximizes performance on regular octane fuel
    • MPG Fuel Economy Booster Tune:
      • Average 2-3 mpg improvement
      • Economy mode
    • Factory HP tune. A copy of the factory settings that allows you to:
      • Recalibrate the speedometer for rear axle gear changes
      • Recalibrate the speedometer for rear tire size changes
      • Remove the vehicle top speed limiter
      • Modify automatic transmission settings

    Those higher HP gains are based on other add-ons. You're looing up to +15 stock.
    Grab an intake, and maximize it. The tuner has specific make CAIs already in it.

    So, you can get away with an I1000, and they're anywhere from $100 to $150 used.
    You can always sell it later and buy another.

    Also, there is nothing an I2, or I3 will do that the I1000 can't based on your model year.
    Buying a an I2 won't have a different tune than the final update for the I1000. My I1000
    was MFG'd April 2014, and I have an '08, there is nothing better an I2 or I3 will do for
    me. Same here, you have a 2012, by the time 2014 rolled around, they have maximized
    all they're going to get from that span of years it supports.

    Very rarely will a new tuner do better... They are mainly to support new ECUs, with tunes
    written and mapped for them. Your 2012 tuned 3.7 won't be any worse than a 2015 tuned
    3.7 - unless the ECU in the '15 is such that it can get more HP due to the parameters
    allowed by the ECU. Then you're buying an updated mustang, not a tuner...

    I hope that was easy to follow. So, I won't ever buy an I2 or I3, unless I get a 2015
    or newer mustang. The I1000 was made in 2014, so it's up to date, and got it's last
    update. The I1000 is no longer supported, but can still be updated to its final revision.

    Updates to NOT mean new tunes, or better tunes. As new ECUs are made, the unit
    needs updated to be able to read and write to them. And, tunes to support their new
    memory locations for write areas... That's technical stuff...
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  4. James Carr

    James Carr sleep-er noun = fusing speed with secrecy

    Feb 8, 2018
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    I have the Diablo 93 octane tune on my 2000 and love it