entire florida meet


mE mOfO
Just my opinion, but instead of having a north florida meet, and a south florida meet, why dont all of you come to daytona or something or the middle of the state and have a giant florida 3.8 meet go on. About the same amount of time for both directions :/

again, just my opinion.

Tim S

it is but everyone is so damned lazy and it's hard to get schedules to line up so a decent amount of people show.


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It'll never happen. It's not like it's Delaware or Rhode Island and everyone is 45 minutes from each other. With enough advance notice you would think it's possible, but some people just won't be willing to drive the distance.


We Floridans don't get along to well thats why the north have their meets and the south have their. I live in both the north and south so I have to put up with both sides.