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exhaust fell off!

Discussion in '1994-2004 V6 Mustang Tech' started by fomingkow, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. fomingkow

    fomingkow Guest

    tonight i was out driving around, went to the local car hangout and decided to fix my exhaust hanger (pipe was hanging too low)  anyway, got all that fixed, went to drive off and i noticed that my seats were shaking, i couldnt hear my stereo and my steering wheel was vibrating.  scared the hell out of me.  so then i park at a gas station and notice my exiting exhaust pipe is just hanging there.  the weld had broken off the muffler.  so i took the pipe off, and i must say my car sounds incredibly mean.  i had my friend drive it down the street and i could hear it for almost a half mile.  so are "dumps" good to have? do they increase HP?  are they illegal?  thanks
  2. Justang

    Justang Guest

    I had dumps and I actually noticed a decrease in HP.  But the sound was awesome!!!  so it all depends on what you want.  when I had my dumps the car didnt have a lot of low end.  with the tail pipes on it now, I have lots of low end.  

    so it comes down to what you want.  a decrease in low end, or a bitchin sounding 6!
  3. rick0636

    rick0636 Guest

    That would be due to too little back pressure on the exhaust, I have heard that not enough back pressure results in loss of low end torque.  ;D  If I were you I think I would put the tail pipes back on it, up to you though.
  4. speedbump

    speedbump Guest

    I would get the tail pipes redone. I heard that there is a good reason for having the piping lead out from underneath the car. The gases need to escape. And dumping it all out under the car is not a good idea. The car is not air tight so wile you are sitting in traffic or at a red light those gases are building up under your car and around it and your car might be filling up with these exhaust gasses. That’s just what someone told me. Don’t hold me to that statement.
  5. fomingkow

    fomingkow Guest

    yea, i was probably going to put them back on anyway, i was just getting peoples opinions.  it will probably be depressing though after hearing what it sounds like now. i mean, i couldnt even hear my stereo.  man im gonna miss it ;D