Exhaust for my 98 with the 4.2


When I bought this car the exhaust was really hacked up, I mean it looks like they welded 3 different pipes together to go from the header flange to the y. And it leaks, go figure. With the new 4.2 I am thinking that it may benefit from the bigger and better flowing pypes system. Has anyone had any experience with this kit on a 98?
Pypes V6 Mustang True Dual Exhaust Kit (98-04 V6) - Free Shipping

I have a lift so it shouldnt be to bad of a install. I also picked up a cai. I had a tune put on the car after I got it running, I wonder if I need to have it re tuned after installation.

I am really curious if I will get the 20 hp they claim...


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I would DEF get it retuned after putting on a cai and exhaust, you dont absolutely have to, but i would, it can do nothing but help


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I had the same kit. The problem that occurs is it is the lowest point of the car and anything that pops up on the road unexpectedly will tear up the exhaust clamps. I had the exhaust welded together and the welds broke after five years. The bad part about welding is you would loose easy access to remove the exhaust to remove the transmission. No one ever expects to run over small objects. Sometimes they appear from the car in front of you will no time to stop. You run them over and hear it tear up the Pipes exhaust because it hangs so low and is so long down the center of the car.

On a positive note the off road kit sounds good. The moment you add Pipes shorty cats the sound is crap.

I'd say you add about a 13% increase in exhaust flow.
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Why not just an O/R H and headers that are compatible with the GT catback so you don't need to get an adapter kit (you only need hangers but obviously if your car was already dual you have them)