External weather-proof volt meter


Profile Violation
First off, I know, I mounted it in the wrong spot, and too low. I have to blip the
wipers to see it. I dunno why I put it there, I wanted it more to the right and
up, towards the end of the driver side cowl cover. However, it works...

PRODUCT, Mine is in RED:

Battery connection to Pin 87 Relay:

Fused Relay, Coil Ground, Battery and Trigger (Ignition) Connections:

Volt Meter Mounted:

Yeah, I wanted it farther right, and up to the top. I was just not paying attention, and drilled where it is...

Meter Grounded:

All connections at relay, 5A Fuse put in:

Ignition On, Motor Off:

Motor Running:

Hood Closed, Motor Running:

Time to seal up the wires at the volt meter:

Again, yeah, I know, too low... Different though... Was looking unto putting an AMP meter in next.
Why? This is what happens when I am bored...

Image issue still not fixed, can see them during the edit, not when saved, so
go to the link to see them. May as well just go there permanently, since they
won't fix the issue.