F/S- Hardware, brake lines, flex plate, misc. PICS!!!!!

Phil II

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Name: Phillip
Location: Columbia SC
Contact: pm me on this forum
Preferred Payment: paypal (I'm not a fan of ebay transactions as they cost more)

I have an assortment of items for sale, some are take-offs from my car due to the transmission swap. Other parts are brand new, I didn't use, and waited too long to return them. All listed prices are O.B.O. Shipping may be an additional cost, on case by case basis.

(1) pair of brake lines, for the front of a 99-04 v6/gt. These are the Russel units for sale on AM. I used the rears and kept my MM lines. Looking for $60

(1) Bolt kit for t5 to sbf, from CJ pony parts. I thought wrongly that this would be needed.
comes with grade 8 hardware, 4 long bolts, 2 short bolts, 2 teeny bolts, and washers- looking for $25

(1) t5-bellhousing bolt, also from CJPP. I don't want to admit how much this one bolt cost me. Its a genuine OEM ford part, grade 9.8. This fastener is one of four that holds the t5 to its bellhousing. I'd like $10 for it.

I'm willing to sell both bolt kits for $30 together.

(1) FRPP pressure plate bolt kit, less three dowel pins. P/N FMS-M-6397-A46. It turns out that an 01-04 v6 flywheel shares PP bolts with the modular v8s. I used 3 of the small dowel from the kit with ARP bolts. I'd let it go for $10. Still has some 'larger' dowel pins.

(4) bolts, 10x1x20 metric grade 12.9 (170ksi) These are what I used for flywheel bolts, and have four remaining from a kit of ten. Call it $3.

(1) SFI flex plate with (6) oem flex plate bolts- The flexplate came from SSM, has several thousand miles on it and is in good condition. Its lighter and stronger than stock. $120 and it's yours.

(1) brake pedal assembly, automatic, hydra boost- $50

(1) d/s yoke for 4R70W, oem, 71k miles- $30

(1) box of miscellaneous stuff- in this box are tranny cooler lines, the transmission harness, and some of the interior parts. I'm not certain if all of the fasteners for the interior parts are accounted for. This box does not have the interlock that runs from the steering column to the shifter- I'm still using it.- P.M. for anything you see in the box.

(1) 4R70W with (1) Precision Industries single disc stallion torque converter and (1) TCI deep pan with drain plug. I'm not going to lie, this tranny suffered some aggressive use. It was still working fine when removed for swap to manual transmission. Comes with the sensors still installed. I'd prefer to sell it all together as a unit, picked up locally. This at friends garage, not my home, so some coordination will be required. I will consider shipping at buyer's expense, and am open to splitting it up. Its a question of keeping fluids contained. Starting at $350 all together.


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I need to amend the price tag for the transmission. All together I'd like to see $700. That's for a working transmission, with TCI deep pan, and with a PI torque converter. I was looking at my receipt for the converter, and this is a steal.

Phil II

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A little update. I've separated the torque converter from the trans. I'm willing to ship it. Asking $300 OBO.

Details on the torque converter:
Precision Industries-Stallion
Single disc
Lock up
"zero pump"- meaning it has a flash speed of ~3000 rpm
about 5k miles, never applied at the 1/4 mile
Will fit the 3/8/4.2 v6, sbf, and modular- dual bolt pattern
for use with 4R70W