Facebook friend of mine is passionate about cigarettes being banned...


Why dont you just un-friend her? Arguing with someone over the internet who you dont have any real life interaction with seems like a huge waste of time.

Kind of like browsing internet message boards. ****.


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An outright ban won't work anyways. See, prohibition, cannabis, etc.

This. The worst thing is that banning it would actually cause more kids to get into it, just because breaking the rules is the cool thing to do. Smoking has already become uncool, which is the best thing that can happen to stop it's draw on the youth.


wouldnt phase me if they did. i hate smoke and being around it, especially if my asthma flares up.

nikko, that was a good idea btw.


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wouldnt phase me if they did. i hate smoke and being around it, especially if my asthma flares up.

nikko, that was a good idea btw.

It creates an interesting situation as well. Particularly with the push towards single payer type health care. How do you manage the costs associated with people doing damage to themselves?


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Agreed with whats been said basically. Banning isnt going to do anything. It propbably should be controlled a bit more, but smoke really doesnt bother me all that much. I do think that people with any major health risk IE: Smoking, Bieng an alchoholic(drinking a lot not just one every now and then, and of course overeaters or whatever you wanna call them. I dont think it should be banned, because if they do that, its like giving an inch, knowing that most likely a mile will be taken.


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As someone who used to smoke I hated all the negativity I received. It's like I had a habit of beating small children in public, and the comments some of my friends would make sucked. I ended up quitting because one day I woke up and decided it wasn't something I wanted to do anymore. And just for the record my heart rate is 54 with a BP of 121 over 62, of course I don't smoke anymore, but not every smoke is condemned to poor health. Just remember it's an increased risk of anything. There are smokers who live healthy lives til they pass away at 80 and there are non smokers who get lung cancer in their 40's.

In Utah you can only smoke in certain areas of the city, and I agree with that. P.S. I think some of the women need to calm down.... the only smoker that decided to post on the subject got jumped on like he was wearing a swastika.
I'm assuming you're talking about me. I'm Greg.
She's a PETA activist? Got any pics of her protesting?
Here she is at a protest of Ringling Bros. in Dallas.


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And if you couldn't tell, she's a gorgeous girl. Very smart, and opinionated but dedicated. That's why I don't de-friend her, because I respect her point of view. This was her on Halloween.


So what you're saying is you (and everyone else) put up with her stupid **** because she looks like she could ride a mean dick.


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And Jorge let his opinion be known...

Jorge said:
What is lost in this country is accountability and personal responsibility. Slippery Slope? Well I for one do not believe that Government needs to be poking their nose in our lives. More Citizens in this country need to get back being responsible for their actions. I own guns and with that comes a responsibility to handle them safely. I would not go out in my back yard and fire of rounds in any direction just because I can, with disregard for where that bullet will end. I have neighbors just acres away. I would not jeopardize their lives for my rights and I DO NOT. Second hand smoke Is an ISSUE and smokers need to be aware and take responsibility for it. And soon, before the Government does try even more. Give me a break, smoking areas in a restaurant. Government needs to stay out of our businesses to. People have choices to NOT patronize a business due to smoking. Let the business decide if they can survive allowing or disallowing smoking. So people, watch out where you blow your smoke. (steps down off soap box)


Far as I know, this one doesn't... but it only matters to some people anyway ;)

That's a good thing for you. EDIT: Read that wrong LOL that sucks.

For my friend, she wasn't so lucky. After they split up he put a gun to her head and demanded that she take him back.


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Sure ban ciggarettes give the Drug Cartels and Gangs another extremely popular/addictive product to sell.

The natives are already getting rich off selling their ciggarettes.


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I think PETA activists, vegans, and health advocates should be banned.

I don't need some hippy telling me what I should be doing.

bitch needs to step off.

EDIT: God, can you imagine dating a vegan? I'd ****ing die. :facepalm:


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Pretty much everything TBR posted is what I would say.
1) Slippery slope
2) Pretentious ****
3) People put up with her **** because she is attractive