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Yes. It has pre-amp output for subs (and front/rear, but you won't need those) so when you're ready to add one, just follow any basic sub install guide (like what I outlined before).


the rippin and the tearin
Awesome, so it shouldn't be anything too difficult. Appreciate all the help man!
It shouldn't be difficult at all. If you want to be sure, figure out what HU you are buying then call up a reputable stereo shop and tell them "I have a Mustang with the Mach460 and I have this HU _________, do you guys sell the adapter that allows it to work with my stock speakers and amps?" It'll most likely be a Metra or that Scosche adapter, one of those two brands, and you'll have yourself a price quote :).


Isn't there a Metra/Scosche that turns the amp signal into RCA cables so the Amps can receive them off the head unit (Similar to a Line Out converter... But a Line "In", I guess you would call it?)


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Is there a way to keep my stock HU and wire in subs? I have a power wire ran and a ground wire. How can i get RCA Inputs for the sub amp and what about a remote wire?


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You can splice off of the rear speaker wires, that is what the other input is for. My friend did that in his 1993 Plymouth Voyager.


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you need a line output converter (may also be called a line-out converter or a line level converter). you tap the two leads into the lines going to one of your factory spearers. it samples the signal from that speaker's lines and converts it to an RCA out for you. many also have remote turn on functionality as well.

you can do a google search or look on Crutchfield, onlinecarstereo.com, or look at your local stereo shop. its a pretty common part and most places should carry them.
Does the 1999-2004 FORD MUSTANG GT COBRA MACH 460 DOOR TWEETER SPEAKERS come with a built in cross over would I need to purchase that separately?