Fastest Net Service in U.S. Coming to...Tenn?


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dvi to hdmi adapter. Throw in wireless mouse/keyboard and you're golden. I've had a computer hooked up to my tv for the past 2 years. Who needs bullshit cable packages when you can just download/stream what you want to watch in hd?

Yeah I looked into what it would take. I thought I could take mini DVI and go straight to HDMI, but I only have an HDMI input on my TV, not my receiver. Could I run:

Laptop mini DVI -> TV via HDMI cable while I ran audio from the headphone jack -> audio in port on the receiver?

I don't see why it wouldn't work, but it would be my luck that everything would get messed up doing it.


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My brother lives there and I have been there the last 2 weekends but this is the first I have heard of it.

Need to listen to drake and zeke...then you'd know lol.

I think it's a novel idea...and they put it best. Why do it? Because it can.


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Early adopters always pay out the ass. Give it a few years...

Of course, by the time it's spread around the US, it'll be 1gig peak speed with an average of 3megs down.

Beat me to it. Doesnt matter if it is 50gig/sec if the backbones only do like 100/mbit.


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Beat me to it. Doesnt matter if it is 50gig/sec if the backbones only do like 100/mbit.

Yes, but it's probably not 100Mbs.

They have a fiber optic backbone as well, which I speculate is pushing multiple 100Gbs to Tbs (aggregated). They also own their backbone, so I'm sure if the customers stay in network they could hit a theoretical maximum of 1Gbs. However, most machines won't peak that high (at least not during single transfers). I don't even hit a gig downloading an ISO from a file server (full gig in between). Making connections to Verizon, Comcast and other tier 1 networks is where you'll probably notice bottlenecks.


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you don't think they at least have a couple 100Gbs at their core and distribution layers? A Cisco 6500's backplane is easily several 100Gbs.

Unless you're referring to a single connection.

A backplane on a core switch/router (which I agree can easily be in the terabit range) is different than single-mode fiber backbone connections running in the 100Gbps range. You may be able to switch terabits per second across a couple hundred ports, but that's a different measure of bandwidth than a point to point connection to an upstream peering exchange.

A single 100Gbps blade with a single 100Gbps port on it for any of those chassis runs well into the 6 figures right now. I'd find it very hard to believe that a small metro ISP in Chattanooga has that sort of money to be spending on infrastructure.


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I ****ing hate comcast. I pay for blast, "16mbs" and only get 5mbs MAX including comcast's peice of **** powerboost scam.
They repeatedly deny any problem with service and they have a monopoly over boulder :facepalm: