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First 5 Mods

Discussion in '1994-2004 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Studmuffin9382, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. What are the first 5 mods I should do to my 2000 mustang.

    List 1-5 and then the price next to each of em.
    Thanks, I appreciate it

  2. 1.  Mac cai 170-190
    2.  dual exhaust 200-a lot more
    3.  crank pulley 89  dont know if it is out for 2000 yet
    4.  gears/t-lock  around 300
    5.  Rims 1000-way more.
  3. 95Stang

    95Stang Guest

    1. K&N Filter:$50
    2. Underdrive pullies:$69-$89
    3. CAI: $169-$189
    4. 75mm MAS: $129-$169
    5. 56mm Throttle Body: $139
  4. Okay, Im kinda a dumb shmuck so hehe, I should of asked for an explanation of what each mod does....I understand the air filter, and the gears, but what does everything else do?

  5. Captain_Ron

    Captain_Ron Guest

    Actually if your gonna get the CAI (cool air induction), I wouldnt get the K&N air filter because the Mac cold air induction comes with a filter.
        The CAI pulls cold air from inside the fender well and removes the factory air box which  is really restrictive.  Plus it looks really good in the engine bay.
        The thottle body will let more air into the engine (more air in moderation, more power).
        Duel exhaust will get the exhaust fumes out of your engine faster, so you wont be choking out your engine.
        Underdrive pullies reduces friction on your engine and therefore puts more power to your wheels by slowing down your acessories.

        I hope you understand what I wrote, I just put it all down real quick.  If you want more indepth info feel free to email me