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Hey all. I wanted to let you guys know what a great site you have. I've been a member since right before I got my license in September of 2011 and have gotten a lot of good info but never posted. My parents bought me a silver 1998 Coupe a few months before I turned 16. I've been a Mustang fan as long as I can remember mainly because my dad has been a big fan since he was a teenager back in the 80's. He's had a couple of 65's, an 88 GT, an 03 Mach I, a 68 coupe and currently has a 69 Sportsroof.

We've been tinkering with my car since we got it. First thing we did was replace the whining steering pump. Santa brought me a new one for Christmas that first year.;) A few months after that we had to replace the rear brake caliper mounts and rotors along with a set of pads. Next came the good stuff. Wheels! 17 x 8 chrome Bullitts! Made a major difference in the car, especially once we had the ball joints and inner/outer tie rods replaced. Now, let me say that if you haven't had the recall work on the parking brake done on your car yet, go do it. Our driveway sits on a pretty good incline and my mom came home from work one Saturday and found my car had rolled into the cinder block foundation of our side porch.:eek: Not good. Luckily (thanks to craigslist) we were able to find a 94 body for sale and the body shop did all of the labor for only $350. They had to pull out the bumper mounts and radiator support and swap the bumper, bumper cover and hood over. They also installed the black rally stripes and front chin spoiler we had bought earlier from American Muscle. When we got it home we installed the smoked headlights. A few months later we discovered that the radiator was cracked and had to replace it, too. This past Christmas, Santa brought me a Pace Setter H-Pipe dual exhaust adapter and a Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust system fresh from Summit.:cool: I'll post more on that adventure later.

The next project is to install the sweet leather interior we picked up for it out of an '04 GT. Got the seats, carpet, door panels, console, sun visors, and all the trim pieces.


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Very cool and welcome. I am located pretty close to you so let me know if you need any help.