FL guys - $150 for all of this..


dumb noobz!
Im getting sick of trying to piece all this stuff out for cheap and worry about even making a dollar after shipping/paypal fee's

pick it all up for $150 and its all yours... otherwise im taking it to the recycler very soon.

94/95 heads
two 3G alts
two a/c compressors
tranny pan
thermo housing
water pump
oil pan
valve covers
coil pack and brackets
acc. brackets

i even have a bunch of v6 wiring (whole engine harness and stuff, would have to look) ill let go for like $30 or so depending on what exactly i have.



dumb noobz!
price dropped to $100 for everything!.. come on for $100 its a pretty good deal. Hell you could even part it all out serperatly yourself on ebay/forums and make more than that.

$100.. come pick it all up.