Flowmaster American Thunder with Pace Setter H-Pipe True Dual Adapter


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This past Christmas, Santa left exhaust under the tree for me! How cool is that?:D

The install was pretty straight forward but we (my Dad and I) did run into a few snags. One snag was that we didn't have access to a lift so we jacked it up in the driveway. It's do-able but not recommended, especially when it rains.:rolleyes: The biggest snag was with the hangers that came in the Pace Setter kit: They weren't right for a 98. The actuall fit of the kit was perfect, though. If you're going to use this kit on a 98, go ahead and find a parts car and get the muffler hanger and tailpipe hanger along with the attaching software. Of course, you can always order them from Ford but the muffler hanger for the passenger's side is $45 compared to $15 for the driver's side.:eek: Once we found those pieces (over a week and two road trips later) it was smooth sailing. Between the adapter kit and the exhaust kit, all other hardware was there. The adapter included two rubber hangers which came in handy because the muffler hanger insulator on the original exhaust was pretty much shot. After we finished it, I drove it around for a couple of weeks then we took it to a local muffler shop and had them weld it all up.

The sound is A M A Z I N G! All in all, money and time well spent.