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This is old, and there's been alot of updates to get around the nonsense stuff, but to be very generic with this swap (which is starting to grow in popularity), you may use this write-up I did as a good reference. This was back in 2007 when completed, so like I said, there's better and simpler ways to get it done, for example, having to get rid of your EGR system. You don't have to anymore, there was a way to get around it. Anyway, here we go!!!


Mine came off a 1997 Windstar minivan.

Its a direct bolt on, meaning nothing on the lower intake manifold had to be messed with or fabbed. However, comma, during installation, we saw that it was going to sit a good bit lower, so the fuel rails had to be "bent" out of the way a tad bit for a good fit with the help with some spacers. You can look around online and find some pre-made durable G10 Phenolic spacers. VAP Auto - Specializing in 3.8L Mustang Performance is a good site for that. I didnt buy one of these. So I just took an intake gasket and had it sent to a local machining shop near by my house. Had them cut me two 1/4" aluminum spacers, and the guy did a SWEET job. Couldnt have been more perfect.



Also, the EGR must be deleted in order to do this [requiring a tune, but thats later]. That took a good bit, that mofo would NOT come off. Some extra muscle and cans of WD40 did the trick trying to disconnect the line from the bung on the manifold. The EGR attachment up from had to be deleted as well. Took that gasket to the same shop, and he made me another little "plate" to bolt on there.


Now, it was time to fit the intakes onto each other. Nice and easy.... The issue I ran into here, and an issue others ran into here, was the fuel rails that kinda gotta be bent outa the way. Some didnt have a fuel rail issue, so I guess if you run into it, just slightly bend them outward till the manifold and rails dont rub.


So after the main work is done, time to get some of the extra stuff done. The IAC and TPS had to be fabbed apart and relocated in my setup. The coilpack and throttle cables needed special brackets to be customly handcrafted to be get installed.

*NOTE* Theres a spot on the Windstar manifold where the IAC can be bolted to the top of the manifold itself, where its supposed to go originally. If you can find a manifold where you dont have to fab anything, just makes things a ton easier. The very first picture of this topic actually shows what its supposed to look like.


Heres myself and someone elses setup to show the brackets for the coilpack.



Heres the relocated IAC. It was basically just constructed of a small square block with two bolt holes, and two larger holes with hose-bungs on one side. It bolted to the IAC via the two bolt holes and all you did was connect the respective hoses to the bungs and bingo. I had to ziptie mine to the rear [where you see in the pic] so that it didnt move around everywhere.


The TPS is going to need the wires lengthened, so some soldering will have to be done, so itll reach your throttle body. This is the other guys setup, he had a better picture. lol.


The bracket that the other guy made to get his throttle cables installed. Mine was fairly different. I didnt install my cruise control cable, so mine only had one adaption.


The MAF cable had to be lengthened as well, so those will need some soldering action too. By this time, you should see how everything goes, where you can probably do some tweeks in your setup. The way you do everything else from here on out would be all up to you, cuz after the main stuff is done, youll need to reconnect your air induction system, wether you can fab up your stock one or you use a CAI you already have. Mine? I did something I did with my 5.0 I had in Alaska. I went to Home Depot and bought some white PVC pipe. Spray painted it black, and fabbed a neat little setup. I wanted to keep using my K&N filter, but I didnt have an adapter, so I had to make one. I got creative and I made one out of the stock housing on our V6 air intake tubing, where the MAF housing originally bolts up to, cuz on the other side, you can slide on a filter [since thats where your stock filter slides on to], so it worked out quite well. That should do it, really. It took me about 4 days to do, since I didnt have alot of the needed materials on hand. Though, if I did, it would have taken me a weekend no problem.

The power increase? Dyno results on one guys stock 3.8L Mustang gave him an increase in 10rwhp and 26rwtq. After a tune and advanced timing, his final result was an increase of 22rwhp and 35rwtq.

Mine? I dynoed at 180rwhp / 215rwrq. I also had underdrive pullies, longtube headers, and some minor stuff done. So with some bolt ons and the Windstar, I was able to make a good 50rwhp increase on a V6 altogether.

And thats about it!!!







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And this only works on the 99-04 models, correct? Is not compatible with the single port, correct?

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you had to delete the egr do you need to worry about emissions testing for state inspections?
Depends mostly upon your state. The great state of NY may not take kindly to that. Down here in SC, its not a problem.


Great state, psh this **** blows I cant do any engine mods without being slammed with inspection tickets for the following year when I can't pass emissions