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About two months ago I managed to complete a windstar swap on my car, the actual intake manifold only costing me about 26 bucks with a free sway bar thrown in. The rest of the parts cost around 150 or so. I meant to post on here about it earlier but ended up forgetting about it. To start off the swap was much more involved than anyone made it seem online. Part of the problems came from me and my friends not being prepared or routing hoses wrong but it also was largely that a lot of the work was custom. I might not be very good at describing exactly what we did but I'll try to show it through pictures as best I can. Feel free to ask any questions you have and I'll try to answer them. I loosely followed the vapauto directions but had to change some things since I didnt have a kit.

One point I want to stress before I get into the pictures is that YOU CAN USE THE WINDSTAR THROTTLE BODY. In order to make this work you have to connect the mustang throttle cable to the winsdstar throttle cable and wrap it to the front of the vehicle. You only have to make sure the ends dont move. I'll show this later.

To start off heres my car and the stock intake manifold I started with. Obviously its the generic splitport IM.

After taking the stock IM off I put paper towels in the runners to prevent anything from falling in. Taking it off was easy, I forgot the ratchet size you need but its one size for all the bolts. You also need to take off the spark plug wires as well as anything attached to the IM since you will need to attach it to the new windstar IM. I dont have good pictures of these things but be sure to draw a diagram of where everything goes so you can wire everything up right and connect the hoses in the right place.

To attach the EGR I used the bracket from the windstar along with the egr from my car since I knew that worked. I then bent the egr piping so I would not need silicone hosing. One of my friends has had bad experience with this in the past and we felt this was the best way to go.

Following the vapauto guide I then bent the fuel rail down about half an inch where they specified. The coolant overflow tube also had to be bent. You need to be careful with this because the gasket at the bottom only sits in place so if you bend it too much it will unseat and leak. We kept the leaking on mine to a minimal by bracing the bottom and bending the top part. I ended up buying a bottle of stop leak but by that time it had reseated itself. We were not able to completely keep it from touching the IM so we had to pry the overflow tubing to the side as we put the IM on and tighten it enough to hold it in place.

These are the best pictures I have for bending the coolant overflow. It kind of shows how close it is but doesnt show how much I had to bend it. The first picture just shows the pipe that needs bending, it isnt bent in the picture. You can also sort of see the stock egr bracket in the first picture.

The coil pack was easy to connect, using one screw on the left and making a small aluminum plate to hold it on the right.

One of the big pains in this project was getting the IAC to work. We had to reuse the stock iac because the windstar one either wouldnt work with the mustang or was busted. Originally we thought it would clear the hood because I have the 99-01 cobra hood on my car. This was not the case and we had to relocate the iac.

Here is the block off plate we made for the iac

and here is the iac relocation plate we made. Big thanks to my friends dad who has machining tools in his garage.

As I mentioned before with the throttle cables, it is possible to modify the windstar throttle body to pull in the direction the mustang did but this is unnecessary. The cruise control was also easy to make work simply by attaching it to the throttle cable so their was almost no slack in it.

And here is the throttle body bracket we made. Not the prettiest but it works

The cai was just pieced together from a specre kit from autozone, some silicone couplers and an elbow.

Here is the finished product.

I'm extremely happy with the results. If you have a pull it yourself junk yard near you this is a mod I would highly recommend early on your list of mods because of the performance/price gains. I'd like to thank Blue9898 and Bilbo388 for helping me out on this project.

During the course of the summer I also managed to get new leather seats from the junk yard for 100 bucks. I have exhaust and headers going on at the end of the month when the pacesetter headers get back in stock. I also got a mach 1 lip and grill delete, new radio, and plasti dipped the rear decklid and underside of my spoiler to resemble the current gt/cs's wing. I'll do another post to actually show off my car.


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Disassemble the windstar tb and put the mustang stuff in it. That changes the direction the cable pulls from.


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Props to the guy for getting it working......

But, thats a very messy swap. Lots of unnecessary visible vacuum lines that could have been routed differently so they wouldn't be seen. Like Mark mentioned, you can take the Mustang throttle arm and blade and put it in the Windstar throtle body. Much cleaner and less stuff going across the battery and the inner fender.

Here is an older pic of my 01; with the Mustang TB guts in the Windstar body. If you wanted to use the Windstar IAC, it must face forward. Or just use the Mustang one for more hood clearance.

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