FS: 1998 Turbocharged Mustang

I am selling my 1998 Mustang v6. After I had two kids, the car just sits in the garage. It has 48,068 miles on the car, however, the engine/turbo, front control arms only have around 1500 miles on it. The only thing in the car that has the original milage would be the transmission and body. Everything else has been replaced with performance upgrades.

The main bulk of the upgrades are as follows:
8.8" rearend w/ 3.27 gears+t-lok
Transgo Shiftkit - Stage 2 setting
Walbro 255lb fuel pump,
99 block bored 30 over
Forged ross 8.5 CR pistons
Forged Eagle I-beam Rods
Supercoupe Forged Crank
Valve Springs for .530 lift
ARP Head Studs
Ported & Polished split-port intakes
Supersix split-port heads with 3 angle valve job
209/214 Cam
50# injectors
02 girdle
1.73 roller rockers
Turbonetics Intercooler
B&M Super Cooler
T04 60-1 Super 70 P trim Turbo
ForgeMotorsport dual piston BOV
SCT BA3000
Aluminum Driveshaft
Taylor Spiro Pro 8-mm Wires
Custom aluminum CnCed coil pack and turbo mount
Single 3" exhaust with Hooker MAXFLOW muffler and single catco catalytic converter. Exhaust is dumped at the left rear wheel.
Rear mount battery kit
Pilar mounted Boost gauge and full sweep fuel pressure gauge
17x9 Cobra R chrome rims
Maximum Motorsports caster camber plates
Tubular K Member
Tubular front control arms
Coil overs
Lakewood struts
Ford motorsports 3" cowl hood
Clear corners
Audio upgrades - 2 Phoenix Gold front speakers, 2 Phoenix Gold 8" subs in fully enclosed plexy glass box. Alpine amp.
Custom A/C Line to allow for turbo - A/C is not currently charged. Just never got around to it.
Custom fuel rail
Turbo kit was original built to get it passed by a referee, but I never took it in. It has the oxygen pump and an EGR hooked up.(Currently disabled in the computer, but it could be turned back on)

I am sure I have missed a few upgrades, but the bulk of it is here. The only thing not upgraded is the rear control arms, torque converter and brakes.

I dynoed it when I had very restrictive dual exhaust (lots of 2", 2 1/2" and stock cats) and my friends dyno was overheating and the graph started cutting out after 475rwhp. I have since replaced the exhaust with the 3".

I suspect I am above 500rwhp. It is currently tuned at 18psi. It comes with a Pro Racer package for tuning. It does need some slight idle tuning as it does have a tiny bit of a surge while in gear and parked. Other than that, the car is scary fast.

Because the car has a non-CARB turbo kit, I can only sell it in California as an offroad vehicle.

I have thousands into this car and it is sad to see it go, but I never get to drive it anymore (mostly California's fault :)).

I would like to get 10k for it and sold as a whole package. Please only serious buyers respond.

It has been a while since I listed this and I have not really driven it since. This is still for sale. Dropping price to 6k obo. If no interest, then I may be willing to part it out. Thanks.


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Wow this is a shame.. if it was a 4.6 or a 5.0 with 500hp and all of those mods done to it, it would sell right away for 10k.