FS: Canon 1D Mark III


Up for sale is my blue dot (serial 524xxx) 1D Mark III. I bought it thinking I was going to get into sports photography but my schedule dictates that its not going to happen.

I bought it second hand and at the time I was told there was 73xx clicks on the shutter. I myself have maybe put 2000 on it. It is near condition in every way sans one blemish near the hot shot (pictured). There's a screen on the back LCD since day one and it is scratch free.

Everything works great with no issues at all. Included in the camera is the Flex NR embedded JPEG pictures styles. What this give you is better colors than canon jpegs could ever ask for, and significantly decreased JPEG noise at higher ISO. It really great stuff, and I have permission from the developer to sell the camera with the software embedded into it.

Included in the package is body, caps, strap, battery charger, a/c adapter, 2 Sandisk extreme III memory cards (1 CF and 1 SD).

I dont have the box or instruction manual, but Ill give you a .pdf file for the instruction manual.

$2500 shipped and paypal'd. Im a verified paypal member and I expect the same.


Thanks for looking!