Fuel injector size


I'm thinking of tuning my other car with E85 when I add my supercharger. Planing on running around 11psi, what injector size should I use? 42, 44 or 60?
It's a '95. It got a nice big cam and heads and intakes to match.
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Isn't it usually double the fuel requirements if you go to E85? I would say the 60's would be plenty.


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I'd go with 60# for 300 wheel i think. I'm not super familiar with e85 but I know that you need a good bit more injector than with pump gas


It's not double, think it's like 30%, I'll find out, haha

42's and 60's cost the same anyways, so go big or go home right? This is my cruiser so don't need a hole lot of HP, just enough to have some fun while cruising ;)


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What are some specs on the motor? compression, what size turbo/blower, built or no, etc... You should not need e85 for 300rwhp.


The E85 is more due to the price, it cost less than premium gas here and it's supposed to be cleaner emissions. I need cleaner emissions due to the sniffer every 2nd year I have to pass.

Stock bottom, ported heads with bigger valves and ported intakes (cut & welded upper), cam, bigger TB, basicly all the bolt ons, so got to put the stock harmonic balancer back on.
Plan on running the 11psi pully (ProCharger), will see what I end up with. No plans on modding it more after this, other than to strenghten up the bottom end when it goes, hehe


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correct 30% more injector, you shouldn't max cobras injectors with that blower setup on pump gas so 60# on E85 would be plenty