Garage Sale- 22" TIS rims, Nitrous Parts, Vortech, Intake, Headlights, Airbrushing...


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Ok well upon moving I saw a TON of crap I have had in my possession "just in case" I ever needed it. Well after so many years it's about time to get rid of it and get some money back as I will never return ShowStang back to stock

Many parts are for 94-98 as it came off or was meant for my 95 Mustang...but of course some are brand new, some from 2001 Mustang, and some for a TRUCK! LOL

Make some reasonable offers on them as they just need to go. Please note I am not desperate to sell anything as I can just eBay it, but wanted to give everyone here first dibs!

2001 Ford Mustang 3rd Brakelight, faded up front but with a polish will look good as new


Kenwood CD Radio KDC-MP232


94-98 OEM Amber Side Markers


94-98 Clear Open Side Markers


94-98 OEM Cobra Headlights. A tab is broken off one of the headlights and I have it in possession if that matters.


94-98 FELPRO BRAND NEW Header Gaskets

1995 Camshaft, stock


1995 Polished ThrottleBody

1995 Polished and post removed MAF


Dashboard clock


Grille Pony BRACKET


Vortech discharge tube for 94-98 kits. I went to intercooler (custom) so have no use for it...ever :lol: It is powdercoated candy apple red :D


Polished Optima Battery Cover


AutoMeter SportComp Tachometer WITH shift light


OEM eBrake handle

OEM Instrumental bezel that was wrapped in REAL carbon fiber. Could use some touch ups


OEM speedo cover with carbon fiber overlay.


94-98 (off 95) Upper Intake POLISHED. I believe it was Stage 1 port and polish on it.


OEM 2001 Grille, complete with pony


94-98 Trunk Mat that reads "SHOWSTANG"


96-98 OEM Taillights in phenomenal condition. I swapped to Euro Imports when I found them (amber). No bezels.


Black Powdercoated "232 Mustang 232" License plate frame, STEEL; not plastic.


Vortech Supercharged Plastic License Plate Frame


SALEEN License plate frame, SIGNED BY STEVE SALEEN!!!


Running Fender has a tail broken off


Two engine fluid covers, no clue where they go..probably meant for a V8 as I never used them

$15 parts

I believe this is a purge valve assembly

And then the gauge


94-98 AIRBRUSHED Valve covers...100% custom and brand new never installed. Black base with candy apple red flames and skulls. Comes with 3 valve cover gaskets. I got these done up and was going to swap for the ones I have now as I see spider cracks, but never got around to it and never really will to be honest lol.


Brand new in the box TIS 20" x 9.5" Rims. Got these from a friend and just held on to them for several years now. Time to sell them....they are 100% brand new with dust bags included!! I have 2 in my garage and my brother has the other 2 at his (as I didn't have room for all 4 in my garage at the time).

I see these brand new on eBay for $400 EACH, so I will take $1200 for the set.

Total ballpark figures, makes offers on anything :)


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I can't find the one other bolt for the other post, but you can attach it other ways, use for shows when stationary, etc

EDIT: I found the bottom panel for it, so you just need screws if you want to bolt down battery now. They are new ranging from $59-$99 so how about $35 for the cover and $15 for the caps.

$50 plus shipping? The cover has weight to I would say $10 shipping?


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I vouch for this guy. Got parts quick and were exactly as described. Would buy from again.

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