G'day everyone!


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From the name and the greeting you've probably already guessed I'm not from this side of the equator. These days I live just to the East of Toronto with the missus and our two girls.
Bought a very much unloved '03 V6 this time last year and I'm slowly bringing her back to life. Upgraded or repaired most of the safety items - brakes, steering, lighting, wheels, tires - and now I'm on suspension.
Once the suspension upgrades are done - Strange coilovers front and rear, tubular k-member and a-arms, spherical joint upper and lower rear arms, panhard bar - it's on to power train.
Jumped the gun a little on that by ordering a Strange 9" for the rear to hang the new arms and shocks off and already have a n/a Barra long motor from back home in my storage unit waiting to be torn down and begin the process of attaching all the right parts to hold up under what a medium sized hair dryer attached to the headers will do to it!
Appearance/Interior are last on my list but I just got to get rid of those friggin' decals!!


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Keep the decals, they may be a rare dealer add-on.
Not bloody likely. She started life as a Budget Rent-A-Car in Alberta! Passenger door is rotten anyway and I have to repair some rust and one of the many dings the previous owners put in the drivers door so the decals will be gone no matter what.

Pete fender

Pete Fender
I got my 2000 brand new.
The dealer (Stealer) tried to sell me stripes, tint, and a "special paint sealer,"
and that same decal.
I think the decal was for the Fox body 5.0.