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Discussion in '1994-2004 V6 Mustang Tech' started by theofficialpimpride, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. i have a 2001 mustang i do not want to mess up.
    i have heard that gears can mess up my alternater.
    i need to know what mods i can put on it that wont mess up my car.does any one have 2001 that have been modding ?give me some pointers!the only thing i have done to my car is take of the air intake silencer and buying a k & m air filter next week.if u read my thread(now im depressed)
    im still debating on putting dual flomasters on car.
  2. Your first mods should be dual exhaust and gears.  I see no way how either could mees up your alternator or anything else.  Gears increase the number of engine rotations per axle rotation, so engine rpm at 60 with 3.73 gears is probably like driving 75 with stock gears, no big deal.  Go for duals and gears.
  3. TvoR

    TvoR Guest

    I have a 2001 too.But Ive never heard of gears messing up the alt.I plan on getting them myself.As for other mods.I would start with a new exhaust.Without a good dual exhaust first some other mods (like a cai)just arent worth doing.But thats just my opinion.Itll cost u some $$$ but i think the exhaust is the best place to start.
  4. ok i plan on this following order to add mods:

    1>i toke air silencer off
    2>adding k&n air filter
    3>getting a mod chip
    4>getting flomasters dual exaust(if it will pass emmisions)

    then getting gears,the thing also with gears though is they dont have gears for 2001 models
    yet.its really hard modding out a 2001 right now!:-(
  5. ok, in following order,heres what i plan to on doing:

    1>i aready toke off air silencer
    2>putting on k&n air filter
    3>getting pro chip
    4>then try to get true dual flomasters(its been a bitch,warranty and emmision issues)
    5>then doing gears
    that should give me 235 hp i think before gears!
    the thing with gears though is that they dont dont have them for 2001 models yet!its really hard to mod a 2001 right now!
    tell me what u guys think of my modding order!

  6. TvoR

    TvoR Guest

    Yeah it is hard getting mods for a 2001 right now.Patience is a virtue though.;Dtrust me youve got plenty of time to do want you want.Dont try to rush into too much **** at once.Personally I would nix the chip.Not enough HP for the money to me.Go with the flowmasters,they should pass emmisions,no problem.