General Rules(Please read before you post)Updated 10-31


Ya, I'm still here. ;)
I've used this on other forums and it seems to save some headache for both parties.
If The kind and gererous Inferno can sticky this I would appreciate it. :D

Provide all pics! It's much easier on me if you can provide all the pics so that I don't have to assume what you wanted or use up time looking around when you could already have a pic in mind. Threads like "put these rims on a white 98." arn't gonna cut it.
Please make sure that the pics are at reasonable similar angles. It's really dificult to take a picture of an angled rim and put it on a flat side shot of a car. It does't matter if they are reversed, but the 3rd demention has to be similar.

Present all information! If there are curtian things that you want. Tell me. I know that I am not a mind reader, and cannot know what you want. Explain anything special that needs to be included. Such as, colors, texts, styling ques, etc. Just saying,"something nice" does not give me anything to go on. I can make several versions that you might hate. This wastes my time and yours.

I'm not really a stickler for all the rules all the time. If you are unsure, give me what you can. I will work with you as you need me to.
And all you other choppers post anything that you want to add. As much as I would like the attention, this is a playground for you guys as much as for myself. ;) :crazy:

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:p Yeah, what he says... :p I can do some photoshops as well... Sigs, whatever, when I have free time... Graphics Illustration is my career field...


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Haha, I just realized how many words are spelled incorrectly in the rules. I was having a hard time reading it :lol:


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i learned how to do drops and tint, and i'm learning more skills like rims, so hopefully i'll be able to help you guys out so you're not so busy.


Ya, I'm still here. ;)
EVal95 said:
Not really b/c it was my opinion is priceless :crazy:
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Hey Cody,

you inspired me with the pics you chopped of our mustang :D so much that i tried it myself. i dont have photoshop, i use paint shop pro 7. if you think i'm worthy :eek: i'd be glad to lend a hand with some chops too.

here's what i did to our stang, what do you think?
the mustang now...

upgraded... hehehe