Good dash cleaner and protectant?


I like to use the Black Magic stuff. It gives it a nice clean look while giving it a "New Car" smell.


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I use Meguiar's Quick Detail or Dash & Trim Foam. Both will clean, protect and leave a flat/non-greasy finish.


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Meguiars interior detailer (the non greasy stuff) nothing is worse than a super greasy shinny dash.... dust just gets all over it and it feels horrible to me.


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I use the armor all CLEANER wipes, not the protectant. Then I use the meguiars quick interior spray. I also keep a small swiffer duster in the glove box for on-the-go touch-ups.


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I use poor boys vinyl stuff, works nice, smells good, and not greasy at all. Gives it a good new look, while lasting long, and protects very well. **** armor all.
My vote is for Meguiar's Ultimate Protectant, been using it for years with great results. For that matter, I exclusively use Meguiar's products.
Another Meguiar's product I swear by is Ultimate black, it can take chalky looking exterior black plastic parts and make them look like new.

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Diamondkote if you want professional week long results, or my new favs from either Autoglym vinyl protectant or from
Chemical guys. Don't use armour all or anything inferior. They crack dashes like nothing! Cause AA uses some silicone, my stuff none.