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Got screwed over trying to get Saleen rims!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by 2000PONY, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. 2000PONY

    2000PONY Guest

    Have I got a ranting story for yall.
    A friend and I were at the saleen show last weekend close to Irvine and for the first time they had a blowout sale on lots of saleen parts. I didnt think much of it at first..I thought they would just have simple parts. Well to my dismay I walked in and they were selling 18 saleen rims dirt cheap. 18x9 chromes were going for 150 a piece. damn!! Unfortunately I was like 10 minutes too late. A group of guys that were together had sectioned off the rims for themselves and took almost every set of rims. There was probably only 1 set when they were done..and those were damaged. I think there should of been a limit set on how many you could buy. I was so pissed. >:(  Ive always wanted a set of saleen rims but they are sooo expensive.  This would of been a deal of a lifetime. Not only did they take most of the rims, they bought everything else too...spoilers, bumpers..etc. They must of spent about 10 grand buying everything in sight!! aahhhhh!!!! They ended up taking all their parts in a rented truck bc they had so much stuff. Damn hustlers will probably end up auctioning off all they stuff they got for much more than they paid!!
  2. cobramadness

    cobramadness Guest

    good for them, bad for you...
    That would be awesome getting Saleen chrome rims for $150 a piece... Id do the same thing as them ;D
  3. Stang98Matt

    Stang98Matt Guest

  4. I wouldnt be suprised if you see those same rims going up for sale like crazy on EBAY, thats what those people do for a living, they buy closeout for 150.00 then they will turn around and sell them for 250.00 on ebay.. Some people make thier living doing this.
    Note my prediction, watch starting bids start at 150.00 lol
  5. speedbump

    speedbump Guest

    God they had a ton of stuff. Most would not work on our cars though. They had a pile of 99-00 s281 wings. new BTW, not even painted. They were $130(normally like $200). I guess they were getting rid of them because they cant use them on the 01+. I was going to pick a few up for guys on here that have been wanting one. but I didn’t have the money. They were selling quad shocks for like dirt cheap too. there were boxes and boxes of springs. Boxes of borla exhaust systems.
    There were two young guys that packed a ton of stuff into their little v6. they let them pull up next to the door way to load because they had so much. They some how fit several sets of springs, 3 sets of rims, and many other things. The last I saw they were trying to get two wings in there. that car was sagging big time.
    That was a garage sale if I ever saw one. if I would have gotten there as soon as it opened I am pretty sure that I would have been able to find at least one thing I could of used.