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07' Mustang

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I have a 2007 Mustang and I've recently replaced my headlights with Raxiom chrome projector headlights and they have leds and a halo and the first thing I noticed after installing them was, man my fog lights are just gross. So I've spent a lot of time looking around online for halo fog lights that still have a main beam though. The only halo fog lights I've really found are for GT's and I was wondering if anyone knew if they will still fit in a V6.


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I got HALO Fogs on eBay for $109, grille, with the Fogs.

If you have a V6, you need some modifying... You have to cut the horn
bracket perch, then you need to move the left horn, over to the right.

The grille, you also need to cut two portions out of the far left and right bottom tabs:

Then it fits right in after the modifications.


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The most involved part is cutting that support so the fog light
housing clears, besides moving that horn over.

This is the horn perch before modifying:

This is after modifying the horn perch and some grinding:

This is the cut horn bracket:

You take the horn off, and move it over, and put a bracket on it:

This is when all the modifying is done, and the bare metal coated:

Here is a top view of the grille on. See how close the fog light
is to the horn perch. If you do not cut it, and move that horn
over, it won't fit:

Then the bottom left and right of the honeycomb needs cut out so it fastens
at each bottom left/right tab: