Had a GREAT day! 1/4 mile, TA *INPUT NEEDED*


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Well, I had a superb day today. I've had the most fun I've had in a LONG time. For you see, today for the first time since early 2005, I went to the track with the Cobra. I managed to both embarass myself and to prove that I can still launch worth a ****.

When I took the Cobra today, I did ZERO prep to it (no ice, sway bars still in, didn't **** with the tires, ect). She got ridden hard and put away wet as the saying goes, I drove for 70 minutes to get there and never turned it off before going on the track, and it was about 120* in the staging area. I also am running on 100% bald Nittos, no tread left. That being said....

When I staged up for my first run, I made a complete ass of myself. I pre staged, then I staged, then my left foot slipped off of the clutch just as the tree dropped and I stalled my car and it rolled forward slightly to make me redlight. My worst ever performance. :lol:

On my second run, I was up against a s/c Harley F150, and I got him pretty good, but I am really concerned about my times, here's how it breaks down...

RT- .278
60'- 1.928 Pretty normal for good tires, astonishing for baldies
330- 5.692
1/8- 8.827 right on the button
mph- 79.86 A little slow, normally 81 sometimes 82
1000- 11.485
1/4- 13.735 normally 13.3-13.4, not too concerned though...
mph- 100.59 ....Normally 104 sometimes 105.

Could the heat and the fact that I hat a cats-less inspired CEL have really sucked up 4-5 mph from my trap? The car felt really weak, but my ET was right on the button I think because I spun 1-2 pretty good and barely tickled the 2nd gear rev limiter. Fixing those two errors would have gotten me a 13.5 at least I think, but I think that my missing 4 mph would have done it too. This also seems off because I walk from a buddies car who traps 101's at the same track.



Story two...

On the way home, I'm cruising along at 80mph rocking out minding my own business, and a black Trans Am comes up along side of me and this cute black girl in the passenger seat points forward and mouths "ya wanna?" I smile a predatory smile and nod, and we get ahead of a minivan and line up.

Three honks in fourth gear and we're off. I pulled this car HARD up to 125 where I let off, I had 6-7 cars on it. They then do a ricer flyby and the cute girl flips me off. They get way the **** ahead of me and stay there. It was funny. :D :thumbup:

By the way, it was an LT1. Don't get your panties in a bunch. :crazy:

Then on the way home I jumped on it for some 13ish year old kids riding in the open back seat of a Wrangler who where oogling my car and who waved at me. When they caught back up and turned off, the kids where yelling and waving, it reallly made my night! :)


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wow rob, what happend to your car? It's a pig now lol.


Bet you feel good showboating for the little kids :lol:

If I can't improve on this next time, I do believe I'll have to classify my car as a pig. :p

As for the little kids, that made me feel like a big man. :cool: :D
If I can't improve on this next time, I do believe I'll have to classify my car as a pig. :p

As for the little kids, that made me feel like a big man. :cool: :D

Always room for improvement :thumbup:

At least you didn't run an 8.9 at 84 mph like I did WITH the blower on :lol:
damn I need tires :disgust:


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I've always had great luck with bald Nittos, actually.

The CEL caused by no cats does effect performance a bit, but probably not 4-5mph worth. Thats quite a bit of a power loss. It could've combined with the heat to add up to that, though. How was your shifting? Slow shifting kills traps, too.