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Randy Beals

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Hi Guys and Gals,

My project is a 67 mustang (now) fastback. I am putting 3.7L drivetrain in it out of a 2012 Mustang. It has 41K miles on it. The project started as a ministry to the kiddos at Church and has eventually came to the place that it is now. My car has a Mustang II front suspension, disc brakes off of an 81 (I believe) Grenada and standard Ford Drums on the rear (Ford 8" rearend). I am installing the 2012 dash into my 67 sheetmetal. I am nearing the place where the sheet metal is nearly done and it will be time to start wiring soon. I would like to hear your thoughts or ideas or suggestions. I raised the tranny tunnel 2.5" and obviously removed the shock towers.