Hello World


Hello fellow V6 Mustang enthusiasts. I'm new here, and I figured I would let you know a bit about me.

I live in Cali, and own an 02 3.8 Mustang. Not a whole lot to say really. The car is still currently stock, but that's in the process of changing. Right now the engine, and transmission, are out of the car, and the engine is completely torn down waiting to go to the machine shop. (just waitting to the money I need to accumulate before I take it in). I plan to stroke the engine to a 4.2L. I already ordered a new crankshaft, and am currently deciding on what other parts to throw at the engine. I know I'll get a new cam, and pistons, don't know about getting new con rods yet though. Valve train will likely be all redone. I may reuse some of it for a few months though.

In terms of the rest of the car a few things have been done. I've lowered it by about an inch. When i bought it the seller gave me a set of after market wheels. They look okay, but they are heavy as all hell. I blew my rear end up a few months back, I just threw another 7.5" back there. I'll upgrade it to an 8.8 when I do the gears.

I believe that about covers the car. I'll make a build post on the engine when I get some time, I'm going to need some advice on what all to do to that thing.