help for install of MAC Underdrive pullies.


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hey guys,

I just got my underdrive pullies, but i don't even know were to start to install them, Should i slack off the tensitioner or what???
Sorry i'm new to this.


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use a wrench and then use another one to loop around the end of it for a longer handle then pull the tensioner so you can take the belt off (make SURE you diragram exactly how the belt was ran so you put it back on correctly (well the new belt on correctly))

since you have a pre 99 you dont have to remove the balancer so thats a really good thing. Jack up the car and put it on stands and get up under there find a socket that fits the bolts inside of the crank pulley. use a extention and a ratchet to remove these bolts, they may be hard to get off so you might have to use a cheater bar, or a longer handled ratchet (cheater bar just slides over the end of the ratchet to provide longer handle) after you have all these off the pulley should come off if not tap on it with a rubber mallet gently, and easily, all around till it comes off. then put on new one, apply a tad thread lock to the bolts and put back in, tq down tight (i dont know exact tq specs) but get as tight as they were when you took them off at least.

if you have an alternator pulley go about ti the same manor i dont know if it needs thread lock or not on the bolt, then put belt back on making sure all the grooves are met on each pulley and its running right. crank to check.