Help! Rack and pinion sounds like bad ball joint when hitting bumps.


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The popping noise I hear from my front end that sounds like a ball joint has to be the somehow looseness in the steering column, and how it is attached to the rack. It is not the u-joint for the shaft. It may even be a problem with the whole rack. (I replaced the inner tie-rod thinking it was bad, because there was play in the boot.) ....Well, got the boot off and the play is in the rack. (back and forth) Steering is nice and tight, no play at the wheel and feels great with no issues or binding. The play where the tie rod connects is very slight, and the sound that I get when I hit bumps seems to be the same as the sound when I jerk up and down on the shaft....That didn't sound right...Anyway the mounting bushings are fine, and the u-joint is fine, and the steering feels fine! Just getting a bad ball joint type sound from the rack when hitting bumps. I'm sure nobody has had this issue, as I purchased this Mustang knowing that a teenage kid ragged on it. But it is an MCA edition, and has everything I wanted as far as appearance packages go. So I took it anyway. 3.7s are high revving engines, I figured what the hell, I'll deal with the other fixes, the engine is probably fine! (New control arms at 40k, wheel bearings at 65k, and a clunking rear end now) Does anyone know about these newer electronic racks? is the problem I describe a danger, or just a terrible noise? I haven't taken a close look at where the shaft connects to the rack, beyond the u-joint is out of lazy man's view, but going to check it out in a day or two. Maybe there is a bushing or something that is destroyed, I'm picturing the shaft not being connected tightly enough and therefore could also be causing the back and forth slight play near the tie rod. I heard these racks are over 700.00! Just a bushing? :) ....
Any input is appreciated!
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