Help testing crank sensor por favor

tyrone kendrick

2000 v6 mustang stock everything under the hood
Can anyone help. I am trying to test my crank sensor because out of nowhere my car wont start at all. I tried reading the sensor with a multimeter but I get nothing. No reading at all as if there's no power coming through. Even if I have someone crank the engine while I'm holding the meter in place it don't read anything. But with the sensor unplugged it obviously won't start but with it plugged in it sometimes act like it will turn over but never does, so I'm convinced that it does get some kind of power through it so the ecu knows its on but it won't show a reading on my meter.


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Unless you multimeter can function as an oscilloscope you won't get any meaningful information from it. Do a YouTube search on crank sensor testing. It should pull up a bunch of videos of guys using scopes and how to use them. Another way you could test the sensor is by using ford idm or high end scanner that can monitor engine rpm during cranking with a high refresh rate. Most cheap code readers can pull some data to datastream but the refresh rate is sh1t.