Help?? White smoke, Misfires!


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Maybe someone could help me out there??

I have a 1994 3.8L with 184,000mi. 5-speed.

Today on the way to work I accidently turned off the ignition on my car with my knee doing about 35mph.
No big deal, just turned back on the ignition and popped the clutch and car started right up no issue,

Then I noticed a misfire. Looked out the rear view mirror and white smoke was billowing out the back of the car! The car was running horribly, but I made it to work, and back home (embarrassingly enough)

I also noticed it is sucking gas, must be going right out the tail pipe... IDK. Not running on all cylinders I'm sure.

Checked the oil, and that looked fine, perfect level.

My first though was head gasket, but I don't know what that would have to do with pop starting the car? Coincidence maybe?

That car ran perfect to that point.

The exhaust smells like starting fluid, or like a WD40 not a normal gas smell.

Any help here guys?



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White usually means water, which usually means a blown head gasket. Starting the motor back up with the clutch is fine... unless you had it in first going 35 mpg :lol: I'd pull the plugs and do a compression test.