Hi, New here. But not new to the Cyclone


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Hey, I'm RJ.

My car is a '13 Perf Pac MCA. It was lightly modded with an Alum DS, BBK Shortys, Borla Touring mufflers. A local shop did the stripes and tint. I have 2 sets of wheels and tires, among other things. I have had this car for 5 years, and its still a treat, every time l drive it.

Recently, l did something uncharacteristic for me. I had Forza Tuned instsll a Pro Charger. If you want a cheap "new car" l highly recommend a Pro Charger. If you like, go to Forza Tuned. Click on "Testimonials" and you can see seversl pics of it, and my little write up.

Anyway, l am glad that l found your site. Hopefully, l can learn something, and maybe l can be of some help to others.