High Idle 2002 Mustang - Fixed


Hey I just wanted to add a thread in here in case it helps somebody.

My wife's 2002 V6 Mustang suddenly began idling high, like 1000-1300 RPM which meant even in drive the engine was "racing" and fighting the brakes with the transmission in drive, unsafe to drive.

After eliminating all the usual suspects I discovered that the KAM or "Keep Alive Memory" had stored a low voltage in the throttle position sensor minimum value and it tricked itself into thinking the throttle was always slightly open. This instructed the PCM to open the idle air control valve ~50% which resulted in the high idle.

I used FORSCAN (a Ford specific software application, along with a bluetooth OBD2 dongle) to clear adaptations, this forced it to take a new minimum reading from the throttle position sensor and that ultimately corrected the problem.

I hope this helps somebody else.


Good tips here. My friend might deal with the high idle issue on his new V6 Mustang project. It's in the shop for the installation of the new tires from 4Wheelonline plus the alignment. We'll try Forscan.