How many people like this kind of music?


Our local rock station has mandatory Lamb of God hour (instead of mandatory Metallica like everybody else), lol.

Is that show any good? I love stuff about old carnivals/freak shows. Don't have HBO though.


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LOG has some killer riffs in their songs... to me they are the Pantera of this decade. I don't have much of their material, but the stuff I do have I dig. :thumbup:


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I like the music, but I can't stand the singing/yelling.. I do like some more "mainstream" screaming rock though.


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I saw LOG back in 2004 at ozzfest. I'll admit im not into the music as much anymore, but I do enjoy it.


I just love how they rock out and play the guitar,bass and drums so good!

Not just Lamb of God but all these death metal bands!


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I saw lamb of god years ago with Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and God Forbid. Good show. I don't really listen to them but I'm not going to say that they're bad at all. Funny, because you can actually understand what he says easily. Most metal bands who "scream" (even though he doesn't, he just has a little growl in his voice) you can't really begin to understand most of the lyrics.


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Don't listen to lamb of god.
Used to listen to alot of metal where the guys scream but different sound...
In flames, killswitch, soilwork etc.


I love Lamb Of God. It was said earlier, Chris Adler is ****ing good. I love the end of the song Hourglass where he just pounds away on the double kick. My feet used to be that quick, but didn't have the stamina to keep driving the double kick through the whole song.